Like you, my social feeds, newsfeeds and companies I have worked for are constantly talking about Mental Health and the importance of managing yours.

That's fantastic, the more we talk about it the less stigma there is around it and the more people that can be helped.


A lot of it feels hollow to me, I know I can go to Mind or the NHS website to get some excellent advice on what I can do to help me manage my Mental Health but it all feels a bit... impersonal for what is an incredibly personal thing.

I don't want to hear my boss, colleagues or friends parroting advice I can Google, I want to know what they do, what they are experiencing, what works for them and what doesn't.

I think for every person there is a unique way (or ways) we can manage Mental Health, specific to our own situation.

Maybe for you it is going for a run or listening to Alanis Morissette or talking to a professional, friend or yourself - whatever works for you is the right thing for you.

WDYD4Y is a way to discover what others are doing so you can get inspired to see what might work for you and see that you aren't alone in how you feel.

Although, it's only useful if you share your experiences too...


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